Your New Life

Your New Life in Sobriety and What It Means

We are committed to making The Grace Bay Residence your first step to a new and successful way of living…along with a new found freedom from drug and alcohol dependence!


Your new life in sobriety and recovery through sober living & aftercare housingThe purpose of sober living and transitional housing is to provide an environment that offers day to day guided structure and support, while simultaneously having the freedom to experience life’s ups and downs as you practice implementing a number of tools that are integral to leading a sober existence. Unlike the typical drug rehab environment that essentially has you in a bubble, structured sober living affords you a healthy balance of oversight and freedom.

The Grace Bay Residence has developed a highly effective structure that combines various elements such as; group support, 12-Step principles, holistic approaches, addiction education, sponsorship guidance, life guidance and more.


A New Home – Luxurious & Affordable Sober Living in Tampa & St. Petersburg, FL

With each passing day at The Grace Bay Sober Living Residence, we will be here to help you build a foundation in recovery that is geared to withstand life’s hurdles, no matter how big or small they may be. In fact, that is the very purpose of sober living housing. Here in Tampa and St. Petersburg, there are a number of recovery housing options, however, many of them either miss the mark in terms of comfort and cleanliness or core recovery structure, or both.

We will pass along our many years of experience in sobriety, and how to effectively merge the elements of a sober lifestyle with day-to-day living. We will guide you as you build a fellowship of “Winning Women” around you as we create an effective balance of luxury, structure, comfort, freedom, accountability and more…

Our greatest wish is to see you thrive in your new sobriety!

We want to see you making the most of your life in a way that merges with who you are and who you want to be. We want to see you create a plan and reach each milestone you set through hard work, consistency and integrity. We want you to be part of something special both in and out of your sober circle. We want to see you join us for alumni events and BBQ’s and beach meetings and all that good stuff! We want you to live the dream and experience a new joy and a new freedom from who you once were long ago, while not abandoning the soul and the spirit of the beautiful being at your core.

This is what we want because …YOU’RE WORTH IT!!!

Contact us 7 days a week toll-free at (844) SBR-LVNG ~ (844) 727-5864 or feel free to submit your inquiries via our confidential online submission form here

Certified Licensed Sober Livings in Tampa and St Petersburg Florida

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