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Hear what our residents, their families and even treatment professionals have to say about their experience with Tampa Bay, Florida’s leading upscale sober living


Reviews and Testimonials on Grace Bay Residence Sober living in Tampa Bay, FloridaWhen it comes to matters as important as drug addiction, alcoholism and treatment services, hearing other people’s experiences is of absolute importance. Whether it has to do with treatment centers, sober living homes or any variation of recovery services, reading accurate reviews and testimonials can mean the difference between lifelong success in sobriety and yet another imminent relapse or bad experience.

Here at Grace Bay Residence we welcome and even honor the words of our past clients and families. If an issue is brought to our attention we promptly handle it and persevere through it as would any passionate organization. And when a past resident sends us a testimonial along pictures of them celebrating another year of recovery, we cherish it and even hang it on our office walls. When we claim to be Tampa’s and Southern Florida’s leading, most passionate upscale sober living residence, we mean it, and we stand behind it with a steadfast unity!


In the words of our past residents and their families…

“After having been to a number of sober livings and treatment centers over a number of years, I became very committed to finding a new sense of serenity, unity and love in my life…I need to find the passion to live for me rather than for drugs and alcohol. Grace Bay was exactly what I had been searching for over the past decade of my life, and I am grateful beyond words”

> Lauren B. | Bradenton, FL

“Grace Bay Residence has proven to be exactly what I was looking for in a sober living community. They provided me with good structure, accountability, and the kind of healthy environment for me to continue on my sober journey. The best part is that they offered a very effective way of merging comforts within the core recovery process, and that was really effective for someone like me. Grace Bay gets an A+ in my book!”

> Robyn P. | San Diego, CA

“I can’t say enough about how happy I am with Grace Bay Residence. They have a very well educated staff, awesome recovery in a multitude of ways, great food, and a pleasant serene atmosphere. They make you feel like party of a family.”

> Deanna S. | St. Petersburg, FL

“Before arriving at Grace Bay Residence and after some clean time and a relapse, I struggled daily with my drug addiction – even through various treatment centers and sober living houses. Since I have been at Grace Bay Residence my daily struggle for sobriety is gone – I am clean and sober, working at my dream job and have a new home and a new family. I thank the staff at Grace Bay Residence for a new start and a new sober life.”

> Jenn B. | New York, NY

“I’ve been in and out of treatment centers and sober living environments for the majority of my 20’s and Grace Bay is a one of a kind experience that fosters growth and independence in recovery. The friendly staff provide just the right amount of support, the location is beautiful and I can honestly say that I am learning to have fun and be happy again while learning how to live life.”

> Casey V. | New York, NY

“I love it here at Grace Bay. Wish I could stay longer. The staff are really helpful. Yoga is amazing. I have learned so much about myself and how to be a better person from the yoga instructor. It’s amazing how women from all over the United States with different backgrounds can come together as one unity!”

> Shelley T. | Cape Cod, MA

“I think Grace Bay is a wonderful, heartwarming environment for people in recovery to continue their journey of sobriety. Each staff member is really involved with each client and their safety and well being. I would recommend this to anyone in recovery.”

> Kassie S. | Brentwood, CA

“It is a great place to live while I continue on my journey in recovery. Grace Bay keeps me accountable while also giving me freedom to do things on my own. Great environment and able to surround myself with positive people trying to reach the same goals.”

> Stef B. | Arlington, VA

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