Latest News Relating to Addiction and Alcoholism

Grace Bay Residence Sober Living of Tampa & St. Petersburg, Florida presents this information as recent news relating to addiction, substance abuse, etc.


Here at Grace Bay Residence we feel it to be very important to have quick access to the very latest addiction-related news online.  With a seemingly endless array of websites out there, it can be very overwhelming for someone currently in the grips of chemical dependency or other related mental health disorders.  Truth be told, while some sites are absolutely dedicated to providing factual information as a primary objective, most others are actually trying to sell you something!

We invite you to explore all the articles below which we feel provide excellent information relating to all facets of addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues.  Much of the information below has nothing to do with sober living or drug rehab per se, but the information contained within most of the articles definitely has to do with root causes that typically result in why an individual may require sober living and/or treatment to begin with.  Likewise, much of the information below may have nothing to do with our immediate area, that being Tampa & St. Petersburg, Florida, but one one thing we know very well is that these types of illnesses have no geographical borders whatsoever…