Sober Living Options in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida

Sober Living Options and Availability in Florida

 Why have cities like Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Lakeland, FL been so restrictive in options and availability for those in need of sober living housing and other treatment aftercare services?


The State of Florida has long been considered a leader when it comes to availability and quality with respect to those needing help with drug addiction, alcoholism, dual-diagnosis and mental health issues. Interestingly however, while the southern portion of the state is choc full of residential & outpatient drug rehab centers, sober living homes, therapists and so on, the central and northern parts of Florida have been lagging far behind it seems. Why is this? Why are cities like Tampa and St. Petersburg – major regions with large populations – so short on availability for such critical recovery services?

Sober living homes and transitional aftercare residences range greatly in style, comfort, cost, structure and service array. Areas along the Florida Gulf Region have historically seen more options within the mid-range to affordable segments. This includes sober livings with prices typically ranging as low as $600 per month on up to $1200 per month and up. However, when it comes to amenity-rich, luxury facilities that offer 24/7 recovery structure, very few options exist.

When we first launched Grace Bay Residence it was our goal to not only expand the array of sober living options throughout Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL, but more importantly it was to create something very unique and effective. The goal was to create the perfect blend of integrative recovery, luxury, comforts, holistic services, enjoyment, community and so on, and all within a proactive environment intended to build lifelong foundations in sobriety! This is much more than a sober living residence. As a matter of fact, given the vast array of added networked clinical services available, Grace Bay can almost be considered an affordable alternative to traditional high-priced inpatient treatment centers.

We’re very excited to make such a strong impact within the local recovery community. We invite you to find out more on the one-of-a-kind addiction recovery services and transitional aftercare sober housing provided here. Our recovery staff is available 24/7 at (844) 727-5864 or via our confidential online contact form.

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