Can Sober Living Be An Affordable Drug Rehab Alternative?

Can Sober Living Be An Affordable Drug Rehab Alternative?

 For those seeking a more real-life addiction treatment experience, can a structured higher-end transitional sober living home result in a better recovery option?


For those living in regions more prominent within the addiction treatment world, it seems that the presence of residential drug rehab centers is growing in leaps and bounds. What was once the big elephant in the room, hardly ever discussed openly, has now become a booming industry ripe with luxury facilities charging astronomical fees. It has seemingly gotten to the point that one might go so far as to refinance the house in order to send a loved one to treatment. And just when the sigh of relief expresses itself in the form of health insurance coverage, little did you know your 28 day allotment was barely enough to scratch the surface of a debilitating addiction 10 years in the making!

There was a time when traditional residential treatment, whether a hospital setting or not, was the only feasible option available for those unable to singlehandedly change their ways. These days however, there’s a growing trend in what is called “The Florida Model” recovery approach. It essentially acts as an affordable alternative to traditional inpatient rehab, and which likewise offers various added flexibilities not seen in such environments due largely to their licensing and oversight restrictions.  It’s almost a type of a la carte approach that enables the patient to choose only those services needed, while leaving the rest behind.

Florida model sober living homes tend to be relatively upscale or even luxurious, while blending in a highly structured day-to-day residential recovery environment. What sets these facilities apart from the rest however is their full-scope external network of typically reputable treatment services providers. These include; outpatient (IOP) treatment centers, therapists, recovery & life coaches, psych services, etc. The idea is basically to combine a proactively structured living environment with an array of clinical services that, once all said and done, amounts to a very integrative yet customized addiction recovery solution.

When done correctly the end result goes beyond just an affordable alternative to rehab, it becomes a more customizable solution that almost equates to “a la carte treatment.” Beyond that however, it also does away with what that all-famous rehab bubble that completely shelters the newly sober individual from real-life elements. By providing bits and pieces of such elements it affords the client daily opportunities in which to practice applying their newly acquired techniques to sobriety.

There are many other benefits to consider when weighing your recovery options. We urge you to begin by creating a list of primary questions to be addressed with each prospective facility. Remember, this is yours or your loved one’s life we’re talking about so there’s no time to waste, but at the same rate it’s important to take the time required when deciding on which facility is right for you.

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