From Drug Rehab to Sober Living to LIFE!

From Drug Rehab to Sober Living to LIFE!

A snapshot of a drug addict’s journey from residential treatment to sober living, recovery housing and ultimately, a life free from drugs & alcohol


There I was, yet again, another relapse and another trip to drug rehab. I literally wanted to die this time, and I can say with total certainty that if it weren’t for the love of my mom and the utter pain it would cause her, I would’ve done it. I would’ve taken my own life. After God knows how many rehabs, residential & outpatient treatments, sober living homes, therapy groups, AA meetings and who knows what, I find myself starting over once again.

This was the story of my life for nearly 25 years! It was the same viscous cycle: I go to residential treatment for a few months, then some type of sober living or recovery home for a few months, then I get my own place and within a short amount of time the obsession in my mind is as crazy as ever. This happened over and over and over again, and at one point I actually did try to kill myself by taking a whole box of sleeping pills. While all my friends in recovery were sober and free and leading wonderful lives, I was the one who perpetually set the standard for what not to do within my circle of friends. And over time, that circle got smaller and smaller…

I think the change finally occurred once the pain got bad enough. I guess at some point the pain of active addiction and the places it takes you gets so bad that it just sticks in the forefront of your mind. Whatever it is and however it works, I can say that I am a different person today.

What started as a simple crack-cocaine habit (if you can call it that) in college turned out to be a catastrophic problem in my life. I lost everything, multiple times, and it just kept getting worse and worse! Then something happened, something changed in my head…all of a sudden the appeal of smoking crack had dramatically lessened. At the same time, the fear of its consequences remained much stronger within the forefront of my mind. Add to that a final stint in sober living of over a year, and now I had a recipe for potential success; lasting success that is.

Whatever it is you’re going through, rest assured that a life awaits if you’re willing to go through the process. For some of us it’s an ugly process, but on the other side their awaits a pretty cool life! My advice to you is this, go through treatment and the recovery process with an open mind. Dedicate yourself to a new way of living, and try and have some fun along the way. If you’re currently in sober living or some type of transitional recovery home, stay there for a while. There’s no rush, after all, if you relapse and end up at square-one again it’ll be much more time wasted than if you spend a bit more time there and continue building your foundation…



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