Drug Abuse: Three Commonly Abused and Addictive Substances

Drug Abuse has Negative Effects

Drug abuse, or substance abuse, is the habitual use of any legal or illegal drug or substance. The constant abuse of any drug can have a negative effect on a person’s health. Here are three drugs that are commonly abused and are addictive.


Cannabis, or marijuana, was originally intended to be used for medical purposes, but has been used by many for personal reasons. It can lead to impaired balance, coordination and memory, anxiety and repertory complications.


Tobacco can be chewed or found in the form of nicotine in cigarettes. The consumption of tobacco can lead to increased blood pressure, chronic lung disease, and cancer in mouth, stomach, and kidney to name a few.


Although alcohol is legal, constant consumption and large doses can have negative effects. These include loss of coordination and consciousness, depression and liver and heart disease.

A person who has been abusing drugs should seek immediate addiction treatment. Grace Bay Residence is a sober living residence that provides drug abuse and addiction treatment for females.