From Drug Rehab to Sober Living to LIFE!

From Drug Rehab to Sober Living to LIFE!

A snapshot of a drug addict’s journey from residential treatment to sober living, recovery housing and ultimately, a life free from drugs & alcohol


There I was, yet again, another relapse and another trip to drug rehab. I literally wanted to die this time, and I can say with total certainty that if it weren’t for the love of my mom and the utter pain it would cause her, I would’ve done it. I would’ve taken my own life. After God knows how many rehabs, residential & outpatient treatments, sober living homes, therapy groups, AA meetings and who knows what, I find myself starting over once again.

This was the story of my life for nearly 25 years! It was the same viscous cycle: I go to residential treatment for a few months, then some type of sober living or recovery home for a few months, then I get my own place and within a short amount of time the obsession in my mind is as crazy as ever. This happened over and over and over again, and at one point I actually did try to kill myself by taking a whole box of sleeping pills. While all my friends in recovery were sober and free and leading wonderful lives, I was the one who perpetually set the standard for what not to do within my circle of friends. And over time, that circle got smaller and smaller…

I think the change finally occurred once the pain got bad enough. I guess at some point the pain of active addiction and the places it takes you gets so bad that it just sticks in the forefront of your mind. Whatever it is and however it works, I can say that I am a different person today.

What started as a simple crack-cocaine habit (if you can call it that) in college turned out to be a catastrophic problem in my life. I lost everything, multiple times, and it just kept getting worse and worse! Then something happened, something changed in my head…all of a sudden the appeal of smoking crack had dramatically lessened. At the same time, the fear of its consequences remained much stronger within the forefront of my mind. Add to that a final stint in sober living of over a year, and now I had a recipe for potential success; lasting success that is.

Whatever it is you’re going through, rest assured that a life awaits if you’re willing to go through the process. For some of us it’s an ugly process, but on the other side their awaits a pretty cool life! My advice to you is this, go through treatment and the recovery process with an open mind. Dedicate yourself to a new way of living, and try and have some fun along the way. If you’re currently in sober living or some type of transitional recovery home, stay there for a while. There’s no rush, after all, if you relapse and end up at square-one again it’ll be much more time wasted than if you spend a bit more time there and continue building your foundation…



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Drug Abuse: Three Commonly Abused and Addictive Substances

Drug Abuse has Negative Effects

Drug abuse, or substance abuse, is the habitual use of any legal or illegal drug or substance. The constant abuse of any drug can have a negative effect on a person’s health. Here are three drugs that are commonly abused and are addictive.


Cannabis, or marijuana, was originally intended to be used for medical purposes, but has been used by many for personal reasons. It can lead to impaired balance, coordination and memory, anxiety and repertory complications.


Tobacco can be chewed or found in the form of nicotine in cigarettes. The consumption of tobacco can lead to increased blood pressure, chronic lung disease, and cancer in mouth, stomach, and kidney to name a few.


Although alcohol is legal, constant consumption and large doses can have negative effects. These include loss of coordination and consciousness, depression and liver and heart disease.

A person who has been abusing drugs should seek immediate addiction treatment. Grace Bay Residence is a sober living residence that provides drug abuse and addiction treatment for females.

A Path to Recovery: In the Heart of St. Petersburg

Path to Recovery


A Sobriety Home for Women

We can all agree that men and women are different – emotionally, biologically, and in many ways fundamentally. At Grace Bay Residence, we have dedicated ourselves to creating an integrative, holistic, real-life experience that serves to bolster recovery in countless ways. We offer daily recovery meetings, meditation, and scheduling assistance to achieve this end. In addition, our residents have access to a gym, yoga, massage, and Pilates.

The Advantage of a Luxury Sobriety Home

Our mission is to work individually with our female clients while simultaneously encouraging group support and fellowship that in many cases result in lifelong sober friendships. To discover more about our wonderful sober living experience, visit us online today! 

My Experience Transitioning from Drug Rehab Back Into Real Living

My Experience Transitioning from Drug Rehab Back Into Real Living

Having relapsed so many times in the past in early sobriety, this time I figured maybe incorporating sober living and aftercare might improve my odds for success


I’m one of those people that everyone always looks at and says something like, “She’s such a wonderful girl with so much potential, why can’t she just get her life together once or for all?” I’m that person that no matter how wonderful things are in my life, that little voice in the back of my head seems to always chime in at the most inopportune moments. So often it seems that I put some sober time together, maybe 12 or 18 months, I get back all those wonderful things I lost during my previous relapse and then one day, bang! I’m gone, and everyone in my life is left standing around wondering what happened, again.

I’ve basically been doing the drug rehab circuit for the past 10 years or so, constantly going in and out with each subsequent relapse. With each stint I’ll do 60 or 90 days of treatment. As I complete each round of rehab I start making internal plans of how this time it’s going to be different. The therapists and counselors around me make all these wonderful suggestions about transitioning slowly, living in sober living, getting an AA sponsor or something, keeping my life simple while in early sobriety and so on… It’s aggravating!  It’s aggravating how my existence is constantly paired up with groups of people always telling me what I’m doing wrong. At the same rate, it’s even more aggravating having to endure the agony of relapse time and again.

THAT WAS ME! That was the me of days gone by who simply wasn’t willing to look at the realities of my God-awful existence. I finally reached the point where the pain of addiction and relapse drove me into a new level of willingness. After my last trip to residential treatment I became committed to never repeating this cycle. I listened to the therapists and counselors who wanted nothing more than to simply see my succeed and be happy. They weren’t interested in placating or appeasing me, only to help me see how my “addict mind” was able to manifest damaging thoughts into devastating actions.

Upon completing residential treatment the last time around I immediately transitioned into a structured and upscale sober living home that offered a proactive recovery environment. I remained active in all that it had to offer including, daily meditation and house group discussions, outside therapy & counseling, recovery based social events, yoga, holistic services, etc. I also remained very active in AA and worked closely with a female sponsor. I was committed to changing my life for the better, and boy did I!

What I have today is beyond anything I had ever imaged; I have peace and happiness and love and so much more. Some days are better than others but one thing is for sure, no day, no matter how difficult, is even a fraction as bad as the utter pain of active drug addiction! I am truly grateful 🙂

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Can Sober Living Be An Affordable Drug Rehab Alternative?

Can Sober Living Be An Affordable Drug Rehab Alternative?

 For those seeking a more real-life addiction treatment experience, can a structured higher-end transitional sober living home result in a better recovery option?


For those living in regions more prominent within the addiction treatment world, it seems that the presence of residential drug rehab centers is growing in leaps and bounds. What was once the big elephant in the room, hardly ever discussed openly, has now become a booming industry ripe with luxury facilities charging astronomical fees. It has seemingly gotten to the point that one might go so far as to refinance the house in order to send a loved one to treatment. And just when the sigh of relief expresses itself in the form of health insurance coverage, little did you know your 28 day allotment was barely enough to scratch the surface of a debilitating addiction 10 years in the making!

There was a time when traditional residential treatment, whether a hospital setting or not, was the only feasible option available for those unable to singlehandedly change their ways. These days however, there’s a growing trend in what is called “The Florida Model” recovery approach. It essentially acts as an affordable alternative to traditional inpatient rehab, and which likewise offers various added flexibilities not seen in such environments due largely to their licensing and oversight restrictions.  It’s almost a type of a la carte approach that enables the patient to choose only those services needed, while leaving the rest behind.

Florida model sober living homes tend to be relatively upscale or even luxurious, while blending in a highly structured day-to-day residential recovery environment. What sets these facilities apart from the rest however is their full-scope external network of typically reputable treatment services providers. These include; outpatient (IOP) treatment centers, therapists, recovery & life coaches, psych services, etc. The idea is basically to combine a proactively structured living environment with an array of clinical services that, once all said and done, amounts to a very integrative yet customized addiction recovery solution.

When done correctly the end result goes beyond just an affordable alternative to rehab, it becomes a more customizable solution that almost equates to “a la carte treatment.” Beyond that however, it also does away with what that all-famous rehab bubble that completely shelters the newly sober individual from real-life elements. By providing bits and pieces of such elements it affords the client daily opportunities in which to practice applying their newly acquired techniques to sobriety.

There are many other benefits to consider when weighing your recovery options. We urge you to begin by creating a list of primary questions to be addressed with each prospective facility. Remember, this is yours or your loved one’s life we’re talking about so there’s no time to waste, but at the same rate it’s important to take the time required when deciding on which facility is right for you.

Grace Bay Residence is proud to be among Florida’s most reputable sober living environments for women. We are located along the shores of St. Petersburg just outside Greater Tampa. Our recovery staff is available 24/7 at (844) 727-5864 or via our confidential online contact form.

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Sober Living Options in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida

Sober Living Options and Availability in Florida

 Why have cities like Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Lakeland, FL been so restrictive in options and availability for those in need of sober living housing and other treatment aftercare services?


The State of Florida has long been considered a leader when it comes to availability and quality with respect to those needing help with drug addiction, alcoholism, dual-diagnosis and mental health issues. Interestingly however, while the southern portion of the state is choc full of residential & outpatient drug rehab centers, sober living homes, therapists and so on, the central and northern parts of Florida have been lagging far behind it seems. Why is this? Why are cities like Tampa and St. Petersburg – major regions with large populations – so short on availability for such critical recovery services?

Sober living homes and transitional aftercare residences range greatly in style, comfort, cost, structure and service array. Areas along the Florida Gulf Region have historically seen more options within the mid-range to affordable segments. This includes sober livings with prices typically ranging as low as $600 per month on up to $1200 per month and up. However, when it comes to amenity-rich, luxury facilities that offer 24/7 recovery structure, very few options exist.

When we first launched Grace Bay Residence it was our goal to not only expand the array of sober living options throughout Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL, but more importantly it was to create something very unique and effective. The goal was to create the perfect blend of integrative recovery, luxury, comforts, holistic services, enjoyment, community and so on, and all within a proactive environment intended to build lifelong foundations in sobriety! This is much more than a sober living residence. As a matter of fact, given the vast array of added networked clinical services available, Grace Bay can almost be considered an affordable alternative to traditional high-priced inpatient treatment centers.

We’re very excited to make such a strong impact within the local recovery community. We invite you to find out more on the one-of-a-kind addiction recovery services and transitional aftercare sober housing provided here. Our recovery staff is available 24/7 at (844) 727-5864 or via our confidential online contact form.

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