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About Grace Bay Sober Living Residence

Enhancing the early recovery process using an effective and customized non drug rehab environment that promotes success in sobriety on numerous levels


Our Approach to effective sober living and addiction recovery housingOur goal at Grace Bay Residence is to help women attain sobriety, remain sober and begin to establish and new sense of how to live and build every-growing internal value in their lives.

We believe the recovery process is unique when comparing the needs of women vs. men. So, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our female residents with an integrative, holistic, real-life experience that serves to bolster their recovery in countless ways. Whether you have the luxury of being among the magnificence of Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL or not, there is no question that this multi-faceted approach to sober living is a highly effective one.


One-of-a-Kind Sober Living Residence

As owners and managers of this one-of-a-kind sober living residence we have experienced the lows of addiction and the highs of recovery. We have experienced the pitfalls common to those of whom are new to sobriety, and we largely focus on addressing these issues early on in the process in order to help build good habits and form a strong foundation.

The Grace Bay Residence is about working individually with each of our female clients, while simultaneously encouraging group support and fellowship that more often than not results in lifelong sober friendships.

We chose the St. Petersburg region primarily because this particular area is in need of a female recovery residence for those seeking “something more.”

Whether you’re a women just completing a 30 or 60 day residential treatment program and are in need of integrative, higher-end transitional housing living that offers many of life’s added elements, or you’re just coming off a relapse and would prefer a more “real-life” approach that can also serve as an affordable alternative to a very high-priced inpatient drug rehab option, or even if you’re a mother with a young child and don’t have the ability to leave your child for the purpose of treatment, The Grace Bay Residence is here to help and offers something that is truly quite special!


Luxury Structured Transitional Recovery Housing for Women in Tampa Bay, FL


Contact us 7 days a week toll-free at (844) SBR-LVNG ~ (844) 727-5864 or feel free to submit your inquiries via our confidential online submission form here

Certified Licensed Sober Livings in Tampa and St Petersburg Florida

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